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Boston and the Insanity of Ideological Warfare

We’ve got people angry and outraged about the racial profiling of suspects in the Boston terror bombing case, and others angry that we aren’t racial profiling terrorists enough. Some folks hope the perpetrator was a conservative white guy so they can justify their hate and their ideology, others hope it’s a Muslim for the very same reasons. Some can’t wait for Fox to make a misstep, others lie in ambush for CNN.

We need to keep our eyes on the ball. We’ve got dozens of people with their arms and legs blown off, and their blood is plastered across our screens. No reason for this attack would be valid, in any case. Nothing justifies this. So why does it matter what the motive for the attack was? Why does everyone care? Because they are hoping for an outcome that validates their hate and scores points for their team in the culture war.

When we get to that point, we don’t really care if anyone loses a life or a limb. At that point, any pretense of compassion for the victims or a sincere desire for justice is a complete sham. At that point, tragedies become opportunities and we cease to be human.