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New Blog, Old Domain

Just installed Octopress and it’s plenty of fun. What coder wouldn’t love blogging in Markdown using Vim, Git, Sinatra and hosted on S3? After all, that’s how I do lots of stuff. Anyone who has had to manage a Wordpress site knows what a pain-in-the-proverbial-keister it is just to keep a blog secure and spam-free, so I’m glad to be using Octopress for this blog.

I’ve owned this domain name for many years, but I’ve never used it for anything except email. Many jealous men named Craig have sought after it, for it is written: “He who controls is the one who truly… um… craigs. A lot. I guess…” [2 Hesitations 5:4]

In fact, it’s such an old domain that StackOverflow will probably give me a Revival Badge after I post this. So after 18 years of dormancy, here’s in all its so-called glory.

$ whois | grep "Creation Date"
Creation Date: 08-mar-1995